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When Nissan’s luxury division first emerged in the 1990 model year, the lineup included a big Q45 sedan and an M30 coupe. By 1993, the M30 was gone; but a decade later, the “M” prefix... Read more »

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The Q70 debuted in 2003 as the FX to replace the smaller QX4 in INFINITI's midsize luxury SUV lineup. In 2014 the FX had a name change, along with the rest of INFINITI's lineup, and is now known as the QX70. It has a distinctive design with a curved roof, SUV lower body, and sophisticated upper body that channels a sport vehicle.

The Q70 is comfortable and roomy, with good storage space and a strong 3.7-liter V6.
Although its starting price is higher than some competitors, there is plenty to recommend it as a versatile and classy family vehicle.